Request About My Personal Data

We understand and acknowledge that you would like to control your personal data in our system. Under our Privacy Policy, you have the right to request deletion, restriction, access or modification of personal data. To process your request, we require that you verify and confirm this request via email by following these directions.

IMPORTANT: We cannot proceed with the specific request for your personal data unless you complete all steps and verify your request and identity using the email address you use in our system.

We do not provide any other method of controlling your personal data in our system except through this page. Please do NOT email us directly and do NOT call our office with such a request, as we will refer you back to this page. Unless you submit your request through this page, we cannot ensure proper change to your personal data. Unsubscribing from product update notices, OPSWAT newsletters or other marketing campaigns will NOT be a sufficient request.

Please submit your request by selecting one of the following options regarding your personal data:

• Delete My Data – Request that we remove your data completely from our systems
• Restrict Processing of My Data – Request restrictions for processing your data (e.g. I do not want my data processed by a certain product or system)
• Access My data – Request access to your personal data in a machine readable format.
• Rectify My data – Request changes to be made to incorrect or incomplete data.
• Other – Any other request, question or complaint regarding to your privacy.